Spiritual Direction

Providence Church Spiritual Direction, Mount Juliet, TN

Are you so busy you can hardly catch your breath? Does the Bible seem bland? Are you having difficulty forgiving? Want a deeper spiritual life but not sure where to start? What is Jesus inviting you to at this time in your life?

These and other questions are explored through the Ministry of Spiritual Direction in the forms of Individual Spiritual Direction, Silent Retreats, Classes, and other opportunities

Individual Spiritual Direction

Meeting once a month with a spiritual director offers one-on-one companionship along your spiritual journey. Spiritual directors have gone through theological training and hold certificates in this ancient ministry. Providence Church offers to pay for two sessions of spiritual direction for those interested. Learn more about these area directors:

Whitney Simpson - Spiritual Director - Providence Church

Whitney Simpson

Stephane Brooks | Spiritual Director | Providence Church | Mount Juliet TN

Stephane Brooks

Silent Retreats, Classes, and Other Opportunities

"Taste of Silence" Silent Retreats

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All Day Silent Retreats

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Overnight Silent Retreats

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Dream Retreat

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Centering Prayer Group

Mondays 5:30 pm | Fridays 9:00 am

Walking As A Spiritual Practice

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